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AAGC - Industrial Services Saudi Arabia

About Us

Welcome To AAGC Industrial Equipment Services.

Aagcksa Industrial Equipment Services has been established in 2015 in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. A Aagcksa is 100% Saudi-owned company. Our factory is fully equipped with state of art equipment to fabricate traffic, safety, Unipolsigns, poster, tags, banners, plastic and metal engraving, printing jobs, road marking, pipe line numbering, sheet metal fabrication, and Civil Works.

Aagcksa is the Leading service sector private company in Saudi Arabia. The company has long experience in projects like road marking works, signboards & safety board’s designing & installations, advertisements works, sticker cutting works, screen printing, offset printing, Banner designing & printing, company profile designing & Printing, construction works, fabrication works, civil works, painting works, piping works, & etc.

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AAGC - Industrial Services Saudi Arabia

Our Mission

To pursue excellence in all operations by improving quality standards and procedures and developing competitive people that can best render a world class service to clients.

AAGC - Industrial Services Saudi Arabia

Our Vision

To be the best and most respected industrial service provider striving to reflect the highest ethical and professional standards that can deliver a world class customer experience to client.

AAGC - Industrial Services Saudi Arabia

Our Values

By upholding basic human values, respecting nature and helping the weak and disadvantaged through several activities, we hope to develop the new chain of our team.

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Why Choose Us


We strive to operate in accordance with the rules and standards for the right conduct for engineering and environmental professionals. We believe that honesty and integrity are vital characteristics of any company.


Our reputation for engineering excellence is reinforced through our affiliation with the industry's leading manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, main contractors, and accredited regulatory bodies.


Our customer is our top priority. We believe in exceeding customer needs and expectations and work hard to build long-term, mutually beneficial constructive business relationships with our clients.


With the diversity of our innovative work programs, we guarantee that we will be bringing innovative solutions, experience, and a collective of expertise to your next project.

We want to be the one in all terms and we have all been there for any kind of support as per the customer requirements.

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